Dear Friends and Supporters of FFOSP,

I am very pleased with the performance and outreach of FFOSP over the last few years. As we move forward, I feel there is a dire need to introduce efficiency and improvement in our core process so as to pass on the resulting benefits to the clients in all possible ways. FFOSPs mission is to provide cost effective micro-finance services to low income households in order to encourage them build their own businesses, abandon the cycle of poverty and take control of their lives. We have a long way to go and further hope to tap into areas where they need our support. I am extremely grateful to FFOSPs supporters, staff and clients for the role they have played in enabling FFOSP to become the voice of impoverished segment of the society across the region. In the end I would like to acknowledge all the supporters, donors and friends of FFOSP without whose support FFOSP’s outcomes and performance would not have been possible. I am optimistic that it will continue to fulfill its vision and enable the marginalized and under privileged masses to become an active agents of social and economic change.

Mr. Malik Iftikhar

Chairman Board of Directors,
FFO Support Program